About the Photographer

My name is Antonio Carrasco and I am a photographer with over 10 years experience behind the camera. I created Smart Headshots to offer affordable headshots for actors and businesses in Los Angeles. My photography has been published in Billboard Magazine, Anchorage Daily News and other publications. Be sure to check out my fitness and bodybuilder photography.

The skill I have found to be most valuable is my ability to connect with the person in front of the camera. I have photographed hundreds of people of all different experience levels--from Grammy-nominated recording artists and fashion models to people who have never had a professional photo taken. No matter who I'm photographing, my goal is always to build trust and confidence with a person so they can really open up and let their true personality shine on camera.

I am originally from New Orleans.

Studio headshot with beautiful actress

Great Service

I am focused on providing the best customer experience I can while always offering exceptional value for professional photography services. Many of my clients are repeat customers and often new clients are referred by satisfied people that I have worked with previously. Here is a brief list of some of the things that set me apart from other photographers in LA.

Clear Pricing and Packages

Some photographers have lots of very confusing pricing packages that make it very difficult to understand what you get and what you will have to pay. Others provide no prices at all on their website and only say "Contact for prices"--(This means the photographer is going to try to get as much money as he thinks he can get out of you.)

Confusing or misleading pricing is never a good thing for the customer. Smart Headshots has very clear pricing and details so you know exactly what is included and how much it will cost--no surprises and no confusion. If there's anything that you need clarified, don't hesitate to ask me.

Natural light headshot of handsome male actor

No Upselling or Pushy Sales

If you are on a tight budget and just need cheap headshots, I will never try to upsell you into spending more than you can afford. I realize you have a lot of options when searching for a photographer in Los Angeles, which is why I treat you as a friend rather than an ATM machine. The price I quote you on the phone is what you will pay, nothing more and nothing less.

After shooting with me, customers often voluntarily give me a cash tip because they are so impressed by how hard I work to go above and beyond their expectations. Tips are always appreciated but never required and I will never ask for them. Also, I will never spam you or cold-call you. I find all of that extremely annoying and I never do that to my customers.

Never a Rushed Photo Shoot

The main complaint I hear about other headshot photographers is that they take your money and then want to get you in and out of the photo shoot as fast as possible. That makes for a terrible experience for you and will result in bad photos.

In my experience, the most important part of the process of a photo shoot is getting the person comfortable on camera. This is a process that simply cannot be rushed, but happens naturally as you become more relaxed with the photographer and you develop a sense of comfort and confidence. The amount of session time listed under each headshot package on my prices page are just approximate time estimates to give you an idea of how to schedule your appointment. I often will shoot longer than the package specifies, because I get into a groove with the person I am photographing and we are creating great images. My goal is always to give you great headshots that you can actually use, so I never rush you through the session.

Asian actress in green dress. Photo by Antonio Carrasco in Los Angeles

Only Buy What You Need

You may have heard of other photographers that shoot at huge fancy photo studios or worse, in a headshot truck, with all kinds of gimmicks like on-duty baristas or other nonsense. Unfortunately, you end up paying for all of that stuff. Why pay the photographer's rent on a 2500 square-foot photo studio if you are just going to shoot in front of a solid-colored backdrop?

Smart Headshots operates out of a home studio in Hollywood and has the same backgrounds, professional studio lighting and image quality as the other big photographers but without the big prices. I offer talented and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists for your shoot, but booking a stylist is never required. If you prefer to do your own makeup and hair or if you want to bring your own stylist, you are always welcome to do what works for you and your budget. Retouching is also available and is included with the premium package, but optional for the cheapest headshot packages that I offer. By letting you buy only what you need, I am able to offer headshots for the lowest prices in Los Angeles.