Actor Headshots for Men

Whether you're an experienced actor or a beginner trying to break into the film industry, a great headshot is crucial. I offer both natural light headshots and headshots with studio lighting. The choice is yours. The main difference is natural light shots are photographed on location in Hollywood, with background being out of focus and soft. Studio lighting headshots are photographed inside with a solid backdrop.

Handsome male actor photographed in Los Angeles
Natural light headshot of Latino actor. Photographed on location at Las Palmas Ave and Lexington Ave in Hollywood
Professional headshot of handsome male actor in Los Angeles.
Headshots photography in Hollywood
Dramatic portrait of actor
Male latino actor in natural light headshot with relaxed expression
Handsome male actor headshot in natural light
Natural light headshot of comedian and actor
Natural light actor headshot
Male actor headshot with great smile
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Dramatic headshot of male actor
Handsome male actor headshot with studio lighting and solid white background
Middle eastern actor with good hair photographed in Los Angeles, California
Theatrical headshot of male actor with cinematic lighting style
Intense expression and character emotions in this dark theatrical headshot
Dramatic lighting with plenty of attitude in this dark theatrical headshot
Theatrical headshot of character actor with intense expression and cinematic lighting
Dark and dramatic headshot of handsome male actor
Theatrical actor headshot with dramatic lighting
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