Natural Light Headshots

Natural light headshots are a great choice for anyone starting out in the entertainment industry. I use a portrait lens that will photograph your face as sharp and detailed, but leave the background soft and out of focus. This look is very popular with actors in LA right now. The best thing about my headshots packages are that you get all of your photos before leaving the session. No need to wait 3-5 days and hope for the best.

Professional headshot of handsome male actor in Los Angeles. Photographed May 2017 by Smart Headshots.
Female actor with red hair and green eyes poses in Hollywood
Cheap headshot for comedy actor in Los Angeles
Affordable natural light headshots for actors in Los Angeles
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Natural light photo of young actress in Los Angeles
Dramatic headshot of female actor photographed in Hollywood, January 2017.
Natural light headshot of comedian and actor in Los Angeles
Headshot of beautiful young actress photographed in Hollywood
Headshot of female actor with edgy look. Photographed on Las Palmas Avenue and Fountain Avenue in Hollywood, California
Cheap headshots for actors with natural light in Los Angeles
Professional headshot of actor. Photograph by Antonio Carrasco.
Natural light headshot of actor in Los Angeles
Young male actor headshot in natural light. Photographed by Antonio Carrasco, January 2017.
Beautiful actor headshot photographed on location in Hollywood
African-American actress photographed in Los Angeles, California
Male actor with big smile. Photographed in Hollywood.
Cheap headshots. Los Angeles.
Female actor photographed in DeLongpre Park in Hollywood
Headshots photography in Hollywood
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Photo of male actor with light reflected in eyes
Cheap headshots packages for actors in Los Angeles
Natural light headshot of Latino actor. Photographed on location at Las Palmas Ave and Lexington Ave in Hollywood
Headshot of young female actor in Hollywood
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Professional headshot of female actor wearing bright red shirt
Natural light photography in Los Angeles
Actor Greg Lee headshot. Photographed by Antonio Carrasco, September 2015
African-American actor headshot photo in natural lighting and environment
Natural light portrait of young actress with bright and vibrant colors
Theatrical headshot of young blonde actress in Los Angeles
Beautiful female actor gives intense facial expression in this photograph
Professional headshot of comedy actor for casting calls
Creative photography for actors in Los Angeles
Headshot of acting student with natural light. Photographed in Hollywood by Antonio Carrasco in 2016

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