Business Headshots

Smart Headshots is your source for affordable business headshots in the Los Angeles area. With expertise in headshots for attorneys, realtors, consultants, sales professionals and executives, I can help your company upgrade your marketing online and in print. No matter which industry you're in, professional headshots are an important tool for businesses to establish trust and connect with their customers on a more personal level.

Business headshot of medical professional
Professional headshot of psychologist for company website
Business headshot of salesman photographed by Antonio Carrasco in studio in Los Angeles, February 2017.
Professional headshot for film producer in Hollywood
Business profile photo of human resources consultant for marketing materials
Business headshot for sales professional in Los Angeles
Business headshot for internet company employee
Business portrait of technology executive for corporate website
Business profile photo of sales rep for his company website
Headshot of psychiatrist for his web site. He looks professional, but friendly
Professional business headshot for film industry public relations
Google review of Smart Headshots from previous customer
This business headshot has more of a casual style with less formal attire
Professional photograph for web site and brochures
Photo shoot for sales rep in Hollywood

Clothing Guide for Business Headshots