Studio Lighting Headshots

Actors often prefer photo shoots with studio lighting, because I can precisely control the image with professional flash equipment and a white background. Studio lighting allows me to create a variety of different moods. The photos at the top of this page are commercial headshots, because the light is soft and while the actors smile. The more cinematic photos with dramatic lighting are theatrical headshots.

Studio headshot with female actor in green shirt
Actor headshot with friendly expression photographed in Los Angeles, California
Professional headshot of smiling woman
Portrait of beautiful actress for her acting portfolio
Beautiful actor photographed against solid white backdrop in Los Angeles
Handsome male actor headshot with studio lighting and solid white background
Middle eastern actor with good hair photographed in Los Angeles, California
Dramatic headshot of male actor
Photo of singer Luciana Zogbi in Los Angeles
The key to a great headshot is great lighting and eyes that sparkle
Theatrical headshot of male actor with cinematic lighting style
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Theatrical headshot of female acting student photographed with studio lighting in Hollywood
Dramatic headshot with film noir style lighting and intense facial expression
Intense expression and character emotions in this dark theatrical headshot
Professional headshot for young female actor
Testimonial: Headshots look great! Thanks again!
Headshot of young dramatic actor for theater and film
Dramatic lighting with plenty of attitude in this dark theatrical headshot
Theatrical headshot of character actor with intense expression and cinematic lighting

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